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  1. Hi Monique and Jym:

    I got a “friend suggestion” from FB for you and said to self, “who or what is a Monique Barry”? Mystified me.

    I don’t do FB, but I recently reopened my very old account to check on something.

    I am Steven Jordan’s (Delilah’s husband) brother Richard. I’ve met Jym, but not you. If I’ve met you Monique and I don’t remember, my bad. Surely I couldn’t be that stupid.

    Then I played Coyote!!! and some of your other stuff. I try to be a visual artist, paint/fine art and am thinking about sculpture, so maybe I do have quasi valid instincts about the arts . . . well maybe.


    I want to see your names up in lights. Does Jym do all your mix and tech? If so, you are a team! You guys are the real deal unlike so many of the Canadian Artists showcased on CBC Q for example or the Cdn Music Awards. Some of our Canadian artist do not have much to offer other than 3 chords, generic melody and cliche, repetitive lyrics. Sometimes I just about gag at the junk they try to sell.

    Not you guys, BRAVO. I’m watching for you now. Good luck. You have the chops and the work time paid up, so let’s hope for some luck.

    There is some inkling in the back of my mind that I might have heard you guys long ago, as I’m pretty old don’t ya know. I seem to think I wasn’t impressed and forgot about you 2, You have worked and developed into what I said above, “the real deal”. You seem to hit a spot that appeals to young and old and you work is pleasing to the ear and rich in complexity without being overwhelming.

    If you go to the web site I included on the form, 2 of my pics are on “Our Art” near the top. I help manage the site. I know it’s a crap site, but it is cheap LOL.

    Take care and prosper,


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