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Check after 45 minutes; if birds are getting too brown, cover loosely with aluminum foil. Hens are done when juices run clear and internal temperature reaches 175 degrees in the thickest part of the thigh. To make these roasted Cornish game hens, we will start by gathering our ingredients. For this recipe, we will need water, lemons, garlic, thyme, peppercorns, salt, brown sugar, and butter.

Will definitely be trying this recipe out. Can’t wait for the BBQ weather to arrive 🙂 thanks for sharing this lovely recipe. It took another 15 minutes, 45 minutes total, for the Cornish hens to reach 160F in the breast at which point they were taken off the grill. Start your grill and set the temperature to 375F.

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Whether you’re looking to scale down to feed less people for the holidays or just want a special dinner for any occasion, Roasted Cornish Game Hens are a great choice. Roast Chicken and Vegetables is a regular fall and winter meal for us, but these little hens are a fun way to do something a little different. For this recipe you will need an air fryer.

  • The entire method along with time and temperature would be exactly the same as stated in the recipe.
  • You will know they are ready to be turned, when they are no longer sticking to the grill.
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How to prepare these small birds for roasting?

Remove from oven and spread buffalo sauce on each hen. Beer butt chicken is unique, as it bakes the beer will keep the chicken super moist, and then adding the buffalo sauce on the outside adds incredible spice to your chicken. I think I could live off of the chicken, it is my favorite protein. This buffalo style beer can chicken wins me over every single time. Pat the Game Hens dry and spray with Duck Fat Spray. Sprinkle each bird with salt, pepper & Garlic Powder.

They have a wonderful flavor and are a perfect size. One hen can feed two individuals, or one person with a hearty appetite. And I love how it makes the perfect amount for two people! I don’t have kids, so a whole regular chicken can make way too much for me. I found a twin pack of cornish Cooking Games – Hamburger Games hens at our local grocery store and they were on such a good special, I bought them with no idea what to do with them.

Divide the butter mixture and use half under the skin of each hen, massaging from the outside to spread the butter mixture evenly over the breasts and legs. Spread the remaining butter over the entire surface of the hens. We love to grill and have a blast trying new recipes!

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