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Fans of the classic puzzle game Tetris will be delighted to know that a new competitive online Tetris game, Tetris 99 is now available for free on Nintendo Switch. It is a truly unique Tetris game as it is basically a battle royale game but with blocks obviously. As with previous in-game themes, the Metroid Dread decorations will be free to all players who complete a fairly simplistic challenge. Tetris 99 features 99 players competing in what is essentially a single game of Tetris.

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Some online-only games require Nintendo Switch Online just to play them — this includes megahits like Among Us and Overwatch. Nintendo Switch Online gives you unlimited access to online multiplayer, which is great for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and necessary to play online-only games like Among Us. Tetris 99 is available today for Nintendo Switch Online customers. It’s free to download, but don’t forget you’ll need that Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to join in the fun, so expect that to set you back a few bucks. Also, don’t expect the experience to be limited solely to the core game mode.

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Poyu Poyu Tetris is alright for what it is, but the difficulty and issues with online play are definite drawbacks that need to be patched and revised. I appreciate the effort that Sega went into making this, but at the same time, I would have been much happier with an advanced Tetris game with all the same features. And I’m sure there are Poyu Poyu fans who feel the same way about the other. If you really like one of these games, you should get it and play it for those modes. But be aware, going anywhere else in the game will mean being a master of both puzzlers.

The other options are KOSs, Badges, Attackers — looks like you control it with right stick but I haven’t messed with that yet. Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account required for online features. This game includes an in-game purchase option for users who do not have a membership.

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For example, we are sure that cat addicts are going to like this free online runner. By the way, if you are one of them, browse the website for more cat games to play online. This is the accompanying textbook to the course “From Nand to Tetris” and provides an overview of the software construction of a computer starting from logic gates. The overview is simplistic to keep the projects small in scope Free.

That said, Nintendo isn’t looking to fully replicate its competitors when it comes to the Switch’s online service, which is par for the course. Something about those two juxtaposed concepts makes my brain feel like it’s doing cartwheels inside my skull, but confusion aside, the Big Block DLC sounds pretty cool. While much of Tetris 99 is the classic gameplay you’ll know very well, you can also attack players in each match, adding lines of tetriminos to an opponent’s screen to make winning harder for them.