Open Road

Lovely review of Open Road in Neufutur Magazine.

Received a lovely review from Natasha Emery of Upbeat Entertainment.

Monique Barry “Open Road”

Sometimes when we’re lucky a cleverly crafted song has a story to tell, something universal and therefore easily identifiable to listeners. Open Road exceeds that goal by taking the listener on a new journey every time the song is played, a different nuance, gently nudges the listener in a new direction, deeper into the song. Ms. Barry’s voice is always a treat to listen to as her ethereal dreamy vocals are soul- transporting, but what makes this song an even bigger delight is the addition of background vocals by Emma Campbell, a 15 year old prodigy whose soaring voice and clean, pure tone compliment the lead in a perfect fit. Witness Monique Barry live at the Painted Lady June 16, 8 pm. for a CD release celebration, cover $5. Natasha Emery, Upbeat Entertainment