“Well that was a different kind of opening, that out of breath – near percussive – observation but then taken in the knowledge of what was to come it made sense. And that is because ‘Time’ is a tune delivered in close quarters, full of personal effects and a return to the kind of pop that our parents used to spend rainy afternoons listening to. ‘Time’ is artful stuff, the creative aspects so clear and allied to a dedication to ensuring everything is in its right place, making for a classy offering for listeners not out for the quick return. I could see ‘Time’ finding its place on a soundtrack where the drama mostly derives from consequences of heart fuelled matters. The quality of the pop on offer means that we can look beyond the depth of melancholy at its core and somehow come out with something approaching somewhere over the rainbow feelings by the finish.” mp3hugger

“Lovely production and atmosphere that is quite well delivered with a cinematic heft about it.” We All Want Something to Shoutout For

“Ah, gorgeous tune. I love the atmosphere that it draws up and conjures here. Nice stuff! I think that the vocals work beautifully here…the song is a beautiful life accompaniment.” Alt77

“Uncommon mix of psych with adult contemporary and cinematic pop.” Last Day Deaf

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