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New Music Canada review by Kerry Doole.

“The classically-trained Barry has a pure and ethereal voice (Enya is a reference point) that frames emotionally eloquent compositions that dig deep lyrically and feature adventurous arrangements.”

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Yummy Mummy Blog , The B-Sides by Consuelo Bernardi

“If you’re looking to an alternative to the usual top 40 offerings and are in the mood for something different, dreamscape-like, trance and ambient, this is an album worth checking out.”

“Truly haunting music.”  John Wesley, Broadcaster, EAST OF MIDNIGHT, CJMQ

SNAP Magazine – The Unique Sounds of Monique Barry


“Monique Barry is a beautiful singer/songwriter who composes touching, heartfelt songs.  Her work contrasts and ranges from dreamy/trance, to joyfully brilliant, and her lyrics can bring you to tears; she has an uncanny way of reaching deep into your soul.”
Natasha Emery, Special Events Supervisor
Programming Economic Development & Culture, City Hall


“A brave and original album – luscious, contemporary, ambient, and cinematic – with lovely, detailed arpeggiations. Some great harmonies, it’s reminiscent at times of Laura Nyro with a touch of Stars and Amy Millan – but [Monique] is very much her own person throughout.  There’s also some San Francisco ’68 and ’69 in there with the Quicksilver guitar and a nod at Brit Canterbury-style prog. Maybe some Procol Harum as well.”
My fave songs: So Long, My Best Guess and Breathe.”
Neil Clarke, Composer, Guitarist (Lloyd Cole and the Commotions)
“Just beautiful: meditative, contemplative, hypnotic. Monique Barry has done it again.”  Blair Packham, Film/Television composer, Singer/Songwriter (Jitters)
It comes from the space between sleeping and waking, where the ethereal has weight, the light comes from within and the body vibrates with aliveness.
Arlene Bishop, Singer/Songwriter


Monique Barry opens our eyes with her new album WAKE

TORONTO/ Singer-songwriter Monique Barry, always one to hit the keyboards instead of the snooze button, wakes up an abundance of themes, emotions, melodies, manifestations, and reasons to listen with her fourth album Wake, an atmospheric musical mosaic to be released in April 2013.

An intriguing new chapter and a bold step forward in Monique’s repertoire, WAKE combines edgy pop vigour, classic stylization, and seductive ambience, all directed at a range of thematic explorations, including recognition of the human condition, reflections on lingering regrets, and relief from personal sorrows. Awakenings.

Baptismal energies ebb and flow through the pussyfooting hooks and confrontational lyrics of Wash Over Me, as well as the disarmingly bright plea of atonement Forgive Me (“If I close my eyes and pray/Will you wash away my sins”), and the outstanding Common Ground, with its sliding Southern licks and images of seaside rejuvenation (“Salt water is fine/To help you clear your mind”). The delicately hushed So Long takes the form of a private wake and a long last look at a departed loved one; and the final track Abandoned ends in a get-up-get-up! instrumental tangle of strumming, quivering, and crashing that’s fit to wake and mobilize the dead.

Recorded at Jim Creeggan’s (Barenaked Ladies) Lobb Street Studio and co-produced by Monique and Andis Raibacis (who previously paired up in producing her last album, Carbon), Wake features the deftly inviting vocals of Patrick Ballantyne, who has a duet with Monique and co-wrote four songs; Monique’s longtime music partner Marc Meriläinen, who co-wrote Common Ground, on guitar; James McEleney on bass; rhythmic powerhouse Walter MacLean on drums; Terrance O’Brien aka Anomalous Disturbances on ambient guitar; and Jennifer Payne on backing vocals.

This is an album that steals your attention and opens your eyes. Every song is a little awakening, and each has the pull of a musical dream.

Contact Monique Barry at: mo@moniquebarry.com